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Natural Sterilization Disinfectant Product
: BCA-9304 (200 kg)
  BCA-9300  ( 20 kg)
  BCA-9302 (500 gm)
Introduction Low alcohol type disinfectant (Containing 10% of
  grain-fermented alcohol)
is used for food processing   facilities, workers, hospital, hotel, airplane, carpet   in public place, etc.
Application : Food processing facilities such as lines   kitchenware, workers, and hospital, hotel, airplane,   carpet in public place, Against  virus such as   H1N1, SARS, etc.

Units and Materials of the Product Packages

Package Units


Package Materials

200 kg         




20 kg         




500 gm         


Spray Gun type

Natural Sterilization Disinfectant


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Natural Sterilization Disinfectant

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