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 This new natural antimicrobial material is extracted from singular or many species of paeonia, which is an oriental medicinal herb represented as a symbol of long-life and property for a long-time. Preclinical trials were conducted at Korea Test and Research Institute for Chemical industry (KOTRIC, approved testing lab of KFDA) and the related intellectual property rights were secured. It is a non-toxic, non-stimulating to the human body, and new bio-technological antimicrobial material showing an excellent antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-oxidative effect.

 - Product Name : BioCleanAct Paeonia Extract
 - Product Code
  : MSK-NE150
 - CTFA registration : File No. 6169 (http://www.ctfa.org)
 - Secure
Korean and Chinese patents

Material is extracted from paeoniaceaes root(Moutan Cortex Radicis).
Listed in CTFA registration.
Secure Korean and Chinese patents.
Excellent anti-bacterial, anti-fungal(mold)efficacy.
Natural antimicrobial material
Product Code: : MSK-NE150(O)
Cream, skin lotion, shampoo, toothpaste, cosmetics and bath product
Ointment, gel and liquid emulsion type quasi-authorized product
Sanitary goods such as natural disinfectant.
Anti-Fingerprint & Easy clean evaporation
    Water-repellent coating

Product Code: : MSK-NE150(OP)
Automobile interior
Electronic product
Anti-Fingerprint & Easy clean evaporation
    Water-repellent coating

Oil Emulsion
 Oil paint and ink
 Oil UV hard coating material
Wallpaper and paper

Anti-bacteria : E. Coil, S. aureus, Salmonella sp., Listeria, etc.
Anti-mold : A. niger, Penicillium, etc.
Anti-fungi : P. ctrinum Trichophyton sp., Candida sp., P. acne, etc.
Anti-virus : Foot-and-mouth disease virus, Avian influenza(AI) or Bird flu., etc.
Anti oxidation : It is much better than green tea.
A preclinical test by KOTRIC, an approved testing institute of KFDA (KOTRIC:Korea Testing and Research     Institute for Chemical Industry)
Secure Korean and International patents
CTFA registration : File No. 6169 (http://www.ctfa.org)

Natural antimicrobial material


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