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Delivery and Uses


Public office

National Assembly Building , CheongWaDae, Jeju District Court, Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office, Verfassungsg ericht, Korea International Broadcasting Foundation, Ginseng Corporation, Cheonan Prison, Human Resources Development Service of Korea, Kangseo police station, Jongno social welfare center , Seoul child welfare centers, Samchuck police stations, Gangwon museum, National Human Rights Commission of Korea, House of love flowers Gapyeong neighborhood, Disabled Welfare Center, Gyeonggi-do province offcials training institute, Daedeok-gu Public Health Center, Kun-san Korea Electric Power Industrial development, Korea Expressway Corporation Gimcheon Office, Korea Expressway Corporation Waegwan Office, Korea Expressway Corporation Gumi branch, Sinmyeong nursing home, Young-rock nursing homes, Gunbuk myeon Office, Pohang Customs, Korea solidarity Coop, Junggu Office civil service, traffic Safety Corporation Seoul Branch, Namyang-Ju Office of Education, Yongsan District Office, Ministry of National Defense, Korea Shipping Association, Jungnang-gu Facilities Management Corporation, Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety, Gwangju City Hall, Korea productivity Center, Meteorological Research Institute, National Veterinary Research and Quarantine Service, Jinju Correctional Institution, Paju police Station, Legal Research and Training Institute, Navy Welfare agencies, Gyeongbuk provincial Police Agency, Ewha Womans University seongsan Welfare Center, Haenam-gun Disabled Welfare Center, Gyeongju Education and Cultural Center, Jinju District Tax Office, Noeun Health Branch, Hyanggyo dong Office, Seoul-si Facilities Management Office and more





Seoul National University, Chung-Ang University 2nd Campus, Ajou University, Sogang University, Cheju Halla College of Clinical Pathology, Dankook University, Dongguk University, Kyung Hee University, Yonsei University, Konkuk University, Hanyang University, Korea Aerospace University, Kangwon National University College of Medicine, Korea University College of Medicine, Sungkyunkwan University and more



High School

The Attached High School to the College of Education at Kongju National University, Dae-Gwang High School , Han Nam Beauty High School, Busan Design High School, Bangeojin High School, Shinjeoung Girls' Commercial High School , Incheonnam High School, Namwon Girls¡¯High School, ,Deogam Information High School, ,Hanam Information Industry High School, High School Attached To College Of Education, Konkuk University, High School Attached To College Of Education, Konkuk University and more



Middle School

Yanggu middle school, Changshu Middle School, Hosan Middle School, Dongduchon Girls' Middle School, Jaehyun Middle school,Cheongryang Middle school, Incheon Kajwa Girls' Middle School, Haean middle school, Ulleung middle taeha branch school, Mohyun Middle School, Wadong Middle School, Kyungwon Middle School, Chungho Middle School, Eonnam Middle School, Bosung Girls' Middle School, Subi Middle School, Suyeong Middle School, Yeongnam Middle School, Sajik Girls¡¯Middle School, Danggok Middle School, Geumma Middle School, Namyang Middle School, Namsung Middle School, Gijang Middle School, Hanbada Middle School, Onyang Girls¡¯Middle School, Rodame youth school, Huideok Middle School, Geumho Girls¡¯Middle School, Sanghyeon Middle School, Seouljeongin Special school, Younghoon Middle school, Haewon School, Jeodong Middle School , Cheongsin Girls¡¯Middle School, Churye Girls' Middle School, Incheon Nam Middle School, Beondong Middle School, Seokchon Middle school, Sungsan Middle School, Jisan Middle School, Pyeongtaek Middle School, Jeonju Deokil Middle School and more



Elementary School

Yangji Elementary School, Busan Dure school, Sangrok Elementary School,Beonam Elementary School, Sahmyook Elementary School, Dongwon Elementary School, Pungcheon Elementary School, Yongok Elementary School, Yondong Elementary School, Siheung Elementary School, Omsa Elementary School, sokam Elementary , Hyoje Elementary School, Daejeon Munjeong Elementary School, Incheon Sangokpuk Elementary School, Nodong Elementary School, Surak Elementary School, Seoul Eunlo Elementary School, Chunggae Elementary School, Myeongryun Elementary School, Seoul Pukhansan Elementary School, Euisung Elementary School, Naeyang Elementary School, Daehwa Elementary School, Iksan Elementary School, Sadong Elementary School, Jeonju Dukil Elementary School and more




Bisan Elementary School kindergarten, Fournier Bundang Nursery, Fournier Seocho Nursery, Grace kindergarten, choan kindergarten, Seongnam English village, beautiful love Nursery, dasi Nurser, Sung Jin Nursery, yejin mission Nursery , Chuncheon mobilize schools, Oh-Jung gu office Nursery, yewon Nursery, Kirim Nursery, ahyikaen Nursery, miyetteul Nursery, Sudong Nursery, Gwanak welfare Nursery , kindergarten of Howon University, Sanga kindergarten, Gwangyanghanbit kindergarten , Little Nursery, miracle kindergartenl, Hansol Kids Club Nursery ,Sangnam Nursery, taegang kindergarten, Geumseong Nursery, Rainbow Nursery and more



Financial agency

Yeoncheon post office mail distribution, Gongju post office, Sesan post office, Goesan post office, Suwon Agricultur al Cooperative, National Agricultural Cooperative Federation (NACF) hupyeongdong branch office, Daejeon Daedeok post office, Seoul Dongjak Post Office, Yeoncheon Korea Federation of Livestock Cooperatives , Moraenae post office, Yanggu National Credit Union Federation of Korea, Jincheon National Agricultural Cooperative Federation Jincheon Branch, Chengyang-gu gija gardening National Agricultural Cooperative Federation, Chungnam Oksan post Office, Hwagae NACF, Pyeongtaek post office, Geumsan post Office, Seosan post office, Geomun-do post office , Hoengseong Saemaeul finance firm, Yanggu National Credit Union Federation of Korea, The Bank of Korea, Guam Saemaeul finance firm, National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives Central branch office and more




KAL, Charmzone cosmetics, Korea Airlines, Daesang Iicheon factories Corporation, CJ Iicheon factories, Nanyang Institute of Hyundai-Kia Motors, Ltd., Living aroma Corporation, Isaac toaster, Woongjin Foods, New Dong-Construc tion, LG dekobil, Samju seafood, Ssangyong Motor maintenance Office, Hyundai Motor Beomil branch office, nolbu Ltd., POSCO Construction, Yuwon Construction, Hanwha Corp. R & D Center, OB beer, LG Construction, Daelim industrial, Shinsegae Department Store, Agricultural Products Wholesale Market, Gwacheon citizen's Hall Main Hall, Lotte Ham agency, Boseong drinks corporation, Harim Corporation, Lotte Fresh delrika, Dongseong Pharmaceuticals, Aekyung Industries Corporation, Korea tires, Master dumplings, Lotte Department Store, Ottogi ramyeon, Daewoong Pharmaceuticals, tturejyureu, Samsung Engineering & Construction, Dongbu hanneung chemical Co., Ltd., Pasteur Milk Co., Ltd., Sajo industrial Co., Ltd., factory in Ansan, Jecheon Resting place Chungju Resting place, Yeoju Resting place, voice Resting place and more




KangdongSung Shim Hospital, National Masan Hospital, Anseong ST.Mary Hospital,Tong Red Cross Hospital, Seoul Adventist Dental Hospital, Jeonju 21st Century Hospital, hyosim Hospital, Chosun University Dental Hospital, Jinju hanil Hospital, Cheju Medical Center, Pusan ??National University Hospital Main, Konyang University Hospital, Med-built seongyosep Hospital, Catholic University Hansen's disease Research Institute, Seoul National University Hospital Clinical Medicine institution, Aju university-affiliated Hospitals, Jeju Halla Hospital , A number of other pharmacies and private Hospital Gwangjinye Dentistry, comfortable world Dental, Deoksu Dental, Ghana Dental, danam oriental medical clinic, Byeonjingwan clinics, Changdeok Dentistry, Gowoonsesang Dermatology, Gimseonho oriental medical clinic, yein Dental, ansucheol Orthopedic , Im Pharmacy, Park Hyun Plastic Surgery, bakhyeoncheol dermatology clinic, Chongsol pharmacy, hansarang pharmacy, Rich Woodand and more



Religious group

Yoi-do Full Gospel Church, Mokyang Church, Seoul Church, Woori Church, Bangju Church, N.E.W.S Community Churches, Daesoon jinrihoe Hall, Friendship Church, Redolent Church, Suwon Onnuri Church, Bulgwangsa, Unju Church, Uiseong Church, Namyang Catholic church, Segeomjeong Gamri Church, Yeonsin Church, Doseong Church, Yeongcheon Church, Chungju Full Gospel Church, Guramsa Temples, Yale Church, Comfortable Church, Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and more



PC Room

Jijon PC Room(yeosu-si yeoseo-dong), Inteokan PC Room, Vitamin PC Room(namgajwa-dong), Vitamin PC Room (Yeonhui-dong), Vitamin PC Room(Sadang-dong), Ajit PC Room, Plus PC Room, Aqua PC Room and more


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