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chemicals in cleaning products - Product code : BCA-9002

Application : Extrude and inject silicon, polyurethane, PVC
                    and rubber with 0.3
~ 0.5% of BCA-9002                     upon manufacturing medical devices.

- Packing Unit : 10 Kg, 20 Kg

This is a catheter appliance which helps to become
normal by preventing possible infections and helping the
circulation of CFS into brain and spinal cord by draining
out of the dura mater using anti-microbial EVD catheter
when outbreaking brain edema, brain tumor, head trauma,
intraventricular hemorrhage, subarchnoid hemorrhage,
intradural and epidural hemorrhage

This is a tube catheter for urology which has 2 outlet with
180 degree and a pocket which can change into a balloon
in the one end piece, also a Y-type rubber tube having
urinating tube and expanding tube which can expand balloon by injecting distilled water.