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microban antibacterial protection

 This is a new anti-microbial biomaterial solving serious problems such as secondary infection
caused by inserting bionic medical devices to the human body. With the first new concept, the biomaterial is manufactured by extruding and injecting silicon, PVC, polyurethane, rubber products, etc. containing the nontoxic organic biomaterial (Bio

Nontoxic to the human body
Admirable anti-bacterial effect
Broad anti-bacterial activities
High resistance to the heat and good processing property
Free from artificial endocrine disruptor

Anti-microbial catheter for a brain and a spinal cord. (Click!)
Anti-microbial foley catheter. (Click!)
Medical appliances for a surgery.
Artificial hands and legs made of silicon for the disabled.
Ventilating tube for an eardrum.
Tubes including an endoscope inner tube.
Bite plate.
Medical solution bag. (Free from environmental endocrine disruptors)
Other medical devices.

Kuraray Medical Co., Ltd.
Biometrix Inc.
Intercom-Research Inc.
Joint research with Seoul National University hospital
Joint research a BK21 project R&D with Inha University
ISO 9001. (Accredited by Australia & New Zealand)
Approval of the testing institute of FDA cGLP.
Approval of the testing institute (KOTRIC) of Korea FDA.
   (KOTRIC : Korea Testing and Research Institute for Chemical Industry)
Secure Korean and International patents.

Microban antimicrobial protection


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Microban antimicrobial protection