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Test method : Culture strain on the surface of the EVD catheter for 24 hours
                         after filling culture fluid in a test tube

Test strain : Staphylococcus aureus
Test results

                               - Sample 1 -  Ordinary EVD catheter

anti microbial agent

                         The strain on the surface of the EVD catheter spreads out with pollution into the
culture fluid along the direction of the arrow. 


                              - Sample 2 -  Anti-microbial EVD catheter with BioCleanAct

                         EVD catheter with BioCleanAct, non-toxic anti-microbial material,
                         maintains cleanness same as the initial condition without pollution different from Sample 1
                         by repressing the strain on the surface in the culture fluid with anti-microbial effctiveness in                          itself.

Test method : Culture Foley catheter for 24 hours in the petri-dish after cutting in slice.
Test strain : Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Test results.

 - Sample 1 -  Ordinary Foley catheter 
               (Big pollution damage caused by strain)
 - Sample 2 -  The Foley catheter with BioCleanAct
               (Repress strain of circumference as well as surface of catheter by excellent 
               anti-microbial effectiveness.)